Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Foot Print at Anna Rais

Black & White had their foot print at Anna Rais waterfall, this is the 1st time I had step my foot step into the jungle for nearly an hour to reach the waterfall.  Although is tiring but when you reach the waterfall, wow.... that feeling is great and worth it, I had fall down for twice through this jungle tracking and yet is my very 1st time do this stupid stuff!!!... all the sweat and angriness gone, after reach the place!

This place really gave me a great experience, I had meet with lots of nice people around and also nice food which well prepared by the owner of the homestay!.. I even tried the "Tuak" rice wine which make by the people at the village, the rice wine really taste good!.. 

I really enjoy this holiday very much, although is tiring. But I love it very much.  Thanks to Mr.Black, if not because of him, I will not experience this jungle tracking.

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